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Whale Watch Adventure


Experience Humpback Whales

Come join us for yet another spectacular adventure.

From December to April, the Humpback Whales come to Breed, Calf and Nurse Their Young.

Our tour offers you a rare opportunity to view, listen to and experience Humpback Whales. The Kona Ocean Adventures team will astound you with little-known facts local knowledge about these gentle giants as they play, court and teach their young.

The longest known migration of any mammal…

The Humpback whales seen here are returning from their feeding grounds in Southeastern Alaska. They come here not to escape the cold but to give birth to their young, because, when a calf is born, it has no blubber insulation to keep it warm in the cold waters of Alaska. They seek out breeding waters here which offer temperatures of approximately 75 degrees.

You must check in for all activities at the designated check-in time. Private charter departure time and length can be adjusted to suit your needs.

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