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Late Night Majestic Manta Ray Tour

Quick Details

Adult Snorkeler
Child Manta


Snorkeling this close to Manta Rays is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Listed as one of the top ten dive sites in the world according to National Geographic, the Kona Coast of Hawaii is perhaps the best place on earth to do this amazing activity. Manta Rays are gentle giants and among the most elegant creatures in all of nature. We will take you to a spot where they gather to feed in the evening. Our lights attract the plankton, and in turn the Manta Rays as they feed on these microscopic organisms. Sounds exciting? That’s because it truly is. Manta Rays are completely harmless.

We will be floating on the surface as a group on our custom built board with spotlights pointing down on these creatures swimming below. Watch as these beautiful creatures glide beneath you, performing somersaults and spins.


Sunset Manta Snorkel :
Our boat will take off just before the sun sets. Watch the horizon glow as the sun seems to sink into the water.

Late Night Manta Snorkel :
Kona Ocean Adventures is only one of a handful of companies that offer a late manta ray swim in Kona. Our boat will take you out over the dark water while the moon peaks over the Hualalai mountain range, lighting our path to the manta site!

All tours check in at the Honokohau small boat harbor.

Cancellation Policy

6 or LESS PASSENGERS: Notification of cancellation must be received by telephone at least 48 HOURS prior to departure time to receive a full refund. Any cancellation given with less than 48 Hours remaining before departure time will not be offered a refund.

7 or MORE PASSENGERS or PRIVATE CHARTERS: Notification of cancellation must be received by telephone 72 HOURS prior to departure date to receive a full refund. No refund will be offered with less than 72 HOURS remaining before departure date.

Minimum Passenger Count Policy:

The boat has a minimum passenger count requirement of 4 guests for the tour to go out. If the minimum passenger count is not met then you will be rescheduled to a different time or offered a full refund.