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Join Us for Scuba Diving in Kona

A Couple of Scuba Divers Underwater

Scuba diving in Kona is a unique experience that cannot be compared to anything you have experienced in your life before now. The water is so clear, the marine life is rich and diverse and the underwater scenery is just breathtaking; that is why divers from all over the world visit this beautiful place. If you have ever been in doubt about why scuba diving in Kona is so fun and exciting, we’ll show you what you will get to experience on this tour.

Kona’s Beautiful Waters

The first thing that strikes the visitor with regard to scuba diving in Kona is the water in which the divers swim. The visibility can be very good, in some cases even getting up to 100 feet. This means that you can see far away underwater; making it easier to locate marine life and enjoy the beauty of the underwater world. The water temperature is also very favorable and it is normally between 75 & 80 degrees Fahrenheit so you will not feel the cold when you are diving.

Incredible Marine Life

The underwater world of Kona is rich in the number and kinds of animals you can see. It ranges from the colorful fish to the gigantic manta rays and other varieties of species. One incredible adventure to take in Kona is to go scuba diving to see manta rays. These creatures can have a wingspan of up to 18 feet. They are usually seen at night and there are special night dives that involve the use of artificial lights to light the area so you can see them feeding on the plankton. It is a beautiful experience that leaves you with a memorable feeling.

Hawaiian sea turtles are also common sights. These animals are not hostile in any way and can mostly be found swimming around the sea or lying on the seabed. Kona coast is a common playing ground for spinner dolphins. These entertaining animals perform flips and hops; it is a great pleasure to watch them from a close distance. The water off the Kona coast is also teeming with beautiful and colorful fish around the coral reefs. From the small and bright reef fish to the slightly bigger ones like the parrotfish and triggerfish, they are all there.

Night Dives

Diving at night in Kona is an exciting experience. The ocean does not sleep at night and there are many animals that move around at night to feed or just stay active. Of all the night dives in Kona, the most popular one is the night dive that involves seeing manta rays. In this dive, you will be seated on the ocean bottom while giant manta rays feed on plankton. It is quite an enchanting view that many divers refer to as one of the best dive destinations globally.


Dive sites in Kona are simple to reach whether you are shore-diving or you go on a boat. The water is usually relatively still which is good for those who are just starting out as well as professional scuba divers. There are many dive operators that provide scuba tours, rental services, and even classes for those who are interested in learning.

The Sense of Adventure

One of the many enjoyable features of scuba diving in Kona is the adventurous feeling. Each dive is an opportunity to visit a new world, meet wonderful inhabitants, and admire the underwater world. Whether you are diving at night with manta rays, exploring the coral reef, or swimming through an underwater lava tube there is always something to look forward to.

Come To Us For A Beautiful Scuba Diving Tour

At Kona Ocean Adventures, we are your A Person In Scuba Gear And Goggles Next To A Coral Reef ultimate partners for the finest ocean adventure tours. If you are interested in going on a scuba diving tour, you can come to us. Our professional tour guides will make sure that the adventure is enjoyable and safe and they will take you to the best places where you can see beautiful views underwater. We have all the equipment for amazing scuba diving here with us. Come to us now or call us at 808-930-9861 to discuss your next scuba diving tour.