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Bo is Available to Commemorate Your Kona Ocean Adventure

Originally from California, Bo moved to Hawaii in 2004 and spends most of his time documenting the Big Island both above and below the water. A certified divemaster, Bo has travelled the world diving and photographing marine life. Bo’s photography is well-known locally, and his images have been sought-out internationally for publication. He primarily uses a 50mm macro and 10-17mm wide angle fisheye to shoot marine life while free-diving or adds scuba gear and strobe lights to go deeper.

Bo charges just $50 per person to accompany you on your Kona Ocean Adventure and to supply you with all of the digital images that he shoots. You may reach Bo at 808-327-9771 or konajambo@hawaii.rr.com.


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Phone: (808) 930-9861

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