Humpback Whale Watching
In Kailua-Kona!
(Big Island, Hawaii)

Our tour offers you a rare opportunity to view, listen to and just experience Humpback Whales. Captain Danny Scott, Captain Laure and their crew will astound you with little-known facts local knowledge about these gentle giants as they play, court and teach their young.

Spectacular Humpback Whales
Off The Kona Coast

The Humpback whales seen here are returning from their feeding grounds in Southeastern Alaska. They come here not to escape the cold but to give birth to their young, because, when a calf is born, it has no blubber insulation to keep it warm in the cold waters of Alaska. They seek out breeding waters here which offer temperatures of approximately 75 degrees. The annual migration of the humpback whales is the longest known migration of any mammal.

Every year between December and April,
Humpback Whales journey over 3,500 miles to
Hawaii where they congregate to breed,
calf and nurse their young.


Danny and Laure at Kona Ocean Adventures certainly have the expertise and experience to make an amazing day extraordinary!! We were greeted with Hawaiian hospitality ,ocean briefed professionally, and cared for with a innate sense of customer service. Not only were our expectations exceeded out on the water watching whales and dolphins, but Danny's jokes and stories are a must. :) I have taken many boat tours in several countries and highly recommend Kona Ocean Adventures. Mahalo Danny and Laure for beautiful day of whales, dolphins, and laughter. 
Carla V.

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Thanks Danny for the awesome day, watching the Humpback Whales play in the deep blue off the Big Island, Hawaii! An experience not to be missed! Great day with friends watching these gentle giants play in the sea. A highlight of my stay on the Hawaiian Islands. A Hui Ho

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